Fort Process installation

I’m really pleased that the people behind Fort Process asked me to do an installation at Newhaven Fort on 22nd September. Fort Process is ‘…an expansive multi­disciplinary music and arts festival that takes place in the evocative spaces of Newhaven Fort in East Sussex, with an extensive programme featuring site­-specific sound installations, international musicians, talks, films, poetry and workshops.”

I played at the first one four years ago, and managed to miss the last one in 2016. The lineup looks amazing so I’m hoping to get out and see what other people are up to. More here

I’m working on a piece which uses 16 artefacts from the Fort’s archive, I spent a fun afternoon in the archive with Bea trying to work out which objects made the best noises. The sounds they make will be made into a sound work, and some of the tracks will be set up so that the audience can interact with them.



The video element uses 3D scans of the artefacts, courtesy of the Brighton Eagle Lab, who let me use their 3D scanner for free. I’m mixing the scans with degraded footage of the objects. This is an early test:


The artefacts will be displayed in a museum case. There are a few ideas in my notebook about how they can be labelled, so I’ll see which one rises to the top.


Splitting the Atom XLII

I did another performance of the Chris Marker project at Splitting the Atom a few weeks ago, Agata Urbaniak was there and recorded part of it. I like her work a lot, and she’s possibly the only person who can make me look OK on film, so here it is


There was a great set by Robin Slow Listener, it was really great to hear him play again as he was saying he hasn’t played live much lately. Plus other good stuff including Thee Bald Knobbers beating the boundary and the usual array of oddness. More of Agata’s fine work documenting the show here

Agata Urbaniak’s website

Chris Marker soundtrack

Chris Davies asked me to do something at Bleeding Hearts Club in February, and I decided to try out my new setup which includes a contact mic’d metal tray, Raspberry Pi with a Pisound HAT, small mixer, and the usual array of effects. Here’s a picture of it:


I like this setup as its nice and compact, it all fits in a small suitcase so I can take it on the train to performances.

I’m a big fan of Chris Marker and have been wanting to do something related to his work for a while. I chose Theorie des Ensembles, and An Owl is an Owl is an Owl with a view to improvising a new soundtrack to them.

In Theorie des Ensembles two owls explain set theory to Noah on his ark. The images were made in an early version of multimedia authoring tool Hyperstudio, and have a fantastically odd texture. The original soundtrack is a piece by Alfred Schnittke.

An Owl is and Owl is an Owl is the third in the series Chris Marker’s Bestiary and is a series of shots of owls looking slightly mysterious.

The performance went pretty well, Matt Benzie made a nice recording of it which I laid over the visuals. I’m pleased with the result, here it is:

Towards the Margins / Touching Extremes

Thanks to my good pal Shaun Blezard for playing some of At Cuckmere on his fine radio show, along with a couple of other tracks by Cronica artists (and loads of other good stuff).

That’s here:



Massimo Ricci gave the album a great review on Touching Extremes:

 At Cuckmere is cleverly conceived and effective, improving a listener’s aural and, why not, mental position in just over 23 minutes.

The full review is here. Thanks Massimo!

At Cuckmere

I’ve always loved Cuckmere Haven in Sussex. I remember going for picnics with my family when I was a child, and it’s somewhere me and my family regularly go. It’s the only undeveloped river mouth on the Sussex coast.

When the nice people at Cronica asked me to put together a release I decided to make a piece about it.

It’s available for free on Bandcamp and other media. All the details are here


A big thank you to Miguel Carvalhais at Cronica for his support, and his excellent job mastering the audio and designing the artwork.

Nil mini tour

Me and Thee Walrus are half way through a mini tour of the South East of England. Our gruelling schedule takes in The Coach House in Kemptown, Brighton on 12th October (last night), and then on the 14th October (tomorrow – note how we skillfully avoided Friday the 13th) we are performing at the 100 Years Gallery in Hoxton with Found Drowned.

There’s more about the gig at the 100 Years Gallery here

Quarterly report

What with work, family life and the allotment I haven’t posted here for a while. But I’ve still been doing plenty of sound related things. James and I did another Muster gig at The Cowley Club in Brighton organised by Graham Newbury. It went well and we’re hoping to do some recording later this year.


Here’s James tuning up. As you can see there was a lot of interesting kit on display. Ali Robertson and Karen Constance played a lovely set.

I’ve also been talking to Annie Kerr about a duo and we’ve made some recordings of Annie playing the violin. She’s a great player and I’m excited about working with her.

Chris and I organised another Small Sounds and movements with Jamie Sturrock, Annie and Tim Yates as well as Nil. We love putting this event on at The Coach House (our spiritual home) and it’s nice to have the same people playing and see the increments in their practice – Annie was the only person who hadn’t appeared at the first one.

small sounds and movements

I’ve been working a lot on a new instrument using the excellent PiSound and an Arduino based midi controller. I’ll post more details when it’s finished.