Some collaborations

Gus suggested a few weeks ago that we organise some collaborations with other improvisors, especially as our collaboration with Mirei is going so well. I think it’s a great idea, a really nice way to expand what we do and bring new ideas into The Static Memories. I’m keen to move on from the album and do some new stuff.

Coincidentally Kath Roberts, LUME organiser and saxophonist, emailed the next day asking if we wanted to collaborate on the Brighton part of the Ripsaw Catfish tour she and Anton Hunter are organising. Of course we said yes and that’s happening on 17th December at The Scope, the night Spirit of Gravity are running at The Caroline of Brunswick. Then we asked vocalist Kay Grant to join us at Club Integral in London on 28th November and she said yes too, which is a brilliant start. Hopefully more to come.

Here’s some stuff about Ripsaw Catfish and The Scope

And about Club Integral and Kay Grant

We’re also really pleased to be playing as part of Discus Records concert series on November 4th with Inclusion Principle. Here’s the stuff on that


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