Club Integral + Phil Minton + Daniel Thompson

Really pleased about two collaborations The Static Memories have got coming up at the legend that is Club Integral in November and December. We’ve played at Club Integral a couple of times and really enjoyed ourselves and had a great response. A very nice bunch of people who’ve been plugging away supporting all kinds of interesting stuff for a very long time.

On November 27th we’re playing with guitarist Daniel Thompson at The Others in Stoke Newington; and then on 19th December at I’klectik down in the fine old London borough of Lambeth with vocal improv giant Phil Minton.

Gus keep on pulling great collaborations out of his bag of interesting people, I must try and do the same. Although my bag of interesting people is not as full as his. But them I’m not as old as Gus (don’t tell him I said that).

Club Integral are here

The Others is a great place to go, you can find it here

This is I’klectik

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