The Static Memories – three collaborations

Thanks to the good people at Club Integral and Brighton Safehouse The Static Memories have done three collaborations over the last month.

First up was guitarist Daniel Thompson at Club Integral at The Others in Stoke Newington. It felt quite chaotic and took us a while to get focussed, but produced some great moments.

Then back at Club Integral a couple of weeks later with free vocalist Phil Minton. A great set, one of our best we think; at I’Klektic, a lovely venue in Lambeth. I tried out a new setup, using a volume pedal at the end of the audio out so I could shape the sound quickly, which I thought worked well. We recorded the set and you can hear that on Soundcloud.

We played at Brighton Safehouse a couple of nights ago with Al Strachan joining us on cornet, objects and electronics. Al is a brilliant musician and improviser and despite all three of us being worn out by a combination of work and the festive season we pulled off a great low key set.

So thanks to Daniel, Phil and Al; and to Simon and all at Club Integral, and the Brighton Safehouse guys.

I’Klektic’s website

Club Integral

Here’s Brighton Safehouse

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