Dan Powell

Performing with The Static Memories. Photo (c) Agata Urbaniak

I was born in Essex and moved to London to study photography at The Polytechnic of Central London. After college I ran a gallery on the southbank, showed a few installations and was involved in the OMSK collective putting on arts events.

I moved to Brighton in 1999. I’m a sound artist who uses handmade and proprietary electronics, tuned percussion and a variety of acoustic instruments and household objects to make my work. A lot of the time I like to work with other people  in various combinations, especially with Gus Garside and Chris Parfitt in The Static Memories and Nil respectively. Solo projects include a hand built electronic instrument and, and a piece marking 75 years of St Dunstans hospital.

When I’m not doing that, or being a Dad, or working, I go to my allotment.

@danielpowell me

@tsmbrighton me and Gus

My Soundcloud page

The Spirit of Gravity website is here you should take a look at our netlabel

Archive.org has a lot of OMSK related documentation

I work for Code Club part of @Raspberry_Pi 


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