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Nil – too

The next Nil album, too, free to download from Bandcamp with a picture of a horse.


Collect Convert Converge

I played a solo set at Collect Convert Converge in late September. The event was organised by JoJo Gingerhead as part of her degree and included Seth Cooke and Clive Henry from Bang the Bore doing a solo set on a variety of instruments including Seth’s contact miked iron sink I saw him play to such good effect at Supernormal.

Before them I fought to overcome the art chat from the hordes of students whilst Karl, Jo and Duncan shushed them and glared (at the art chatters not me). It was interesting playing to a room full of people the majority of whom who treated my work as background noise. Although it didn’t really bother me it was a lesson in how most people view improvised music in general and mine in particular. I’m unsure whether they were listening at all or if art music in that context adds to the general feel of the event, in which case I don’t really object to people talking.

I’m used to playing at events where the audience sits staring quietly and intently at the stage and listening hard so in a strange sort of way Collect Convert Converge was a more collective experience.


Headcorn Airport

Some pictures taken at Headcorn Airport last week.

Splitting the Atom IX

The Static Memories played at Splitting the Atom IX at the Tubman in Hastings last Sunday. when Gus and I arrived the total audience consisted of the (mostly Brighton based) artists playing. It filled up as the day went on and it was a good night. Our set went well and we’re looking forward to Aural Detritus and Club Integral next month.

Great sets from Plurals, Mothers of the Third Reich – the best I’ve seen from them with Jason beating an amp into submission with his guitar – and a long set from Warrior Squares who included a chap playing a contact miked tree branch. Splitting the Atom is a great thing and I like the way Graham is keen to move it out of Brighton when he can. It’s easy to stay in town and play to a home crowd who like that kind of thing but going somewhere without a big experimental music scene takes some bottle.

Good chips from a place in the precinct in Hastings too.

The bloudy vision of John Farly

Gus and I got together last night to listen to the material we have recorded for the Static Memories album. We got through about half of it and it’s starting to sound good. Gus has suggested The bloudy vision of John Farly as a title which I am happy to go with, it’s got a good ring to it and I think it suits the way the album is starting to sound.

We are both really pleased that Paul Khimasia Morgan will be putting the album out on Slightly Off Kilter, although maybe when he hears the title he’ll change his mind. Who knows. Anyway, Paul is a good bloke and I’m not just saying that because I’m doing some recording with him this coming Saturday.

Slightly Off Kilter

The Dry Salvages – Magic Eyes

Me doing prepared guitar and computer, electronics and sampler.

3″ cdr in a hand made velvet bag with flower badge designed and made by Emma.

Limited edition of not many.

£4 (+£2 p&p)


Just got back from a couple of days at Supernormal with Chris. Bang the Bore were curating part of it and Kev asked us to do a Nil set on Sunday in a barn on site which went down well. There was plenty of brilliant stuff going on – Bolide Awkwardstra and Thee Bald Knobbers in a sound clash; Team Sports playing quiet improv in a field, Blurt blurting and so much more.

It was held at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire, a community based in a grade II listed house set in 12 acres. Worth checking out