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Earsthetic part 2

Earsthetic was great, all the acts were on top form and it was really nice to play on a top quality pa with a top quality sound engineer (thanks Jem!). I had an attack of nerves beforehand which to my relief disappeared immediately I walked on stage . Our collaboration with Mirei was a success and we’re hoping to work together again. Here’s a video of our 20 minute performance shot by Henry Collins.



Gus and I will be performing as part of the Earsthetic Festival at The Brighton Dome on December 11th. The festival runs all week and features Ryoji Ikeda, Mira Calix and Peaches amongst others, plus the 11th which is being curated by the Spirit of Gravity collective which I’m a member of. We’re really excited about this, not just because it’s such a  great venue, but also because we are being joined by dancer Mirei Yazawa.

The festival is an exploration of the ways sound and vision can work together so I’ve made a video of ice melting (I did consider paint drying) to be shown with our set.

Here’s Mirei’s website

And here’s the event on The Dome website

Spirit of gravity

A couple of gigs

So Gus and I played as The Static Memories at Club Integral on April 19th and then as part of the SafeGrav Orchestra at Dear Serge at the De La Warr Pavillion on the 20th. Both good gigs, one in London and one in Bexhill which are about as different as places as you could get I guess.

Great gig at Club Integral, we only saw one other band as we had to drive back to Brighton from Stockwell and we were first on. She was Nad Spiro of Barcelona and she was great, there’s a Bandcamp download that’s worth getting. Very nice crowd of people and a great pa. Another great pa at Dear Serge and playing in two quintets with people from Spirit of Gravity and Safehouse and live visuals from Bartosz Dylewski.

Club Integral

Nad Spiro

Dear Serge

The Long Half Day

I was involved in a 12 hour improvisation performance on February 3rd. An amazing way to start the year and one of the best experiences in my creative life. It came about after Gus and I met the Carousel Collective at a gig in London organised by James Alaska and Tom Mudd. Carousel are Tim Yates, Nora Sanatian, Benedict Taylor and Charlie Sdraulig they are a group of musicians who are interested in exploring the possibilities of music in new and imaginative ways. After a performance in Brighton last year which I helped organise Tim suggested we collaborate on a long improvised piece at The Coach House in Kemptown.

I was lucky enough to get Adam Bushell, Kev Nickells and Chris Parfitt involved as well and the eight of us started with some trepidation at 10.30am. 12 hours later we drew to a close after a truly remarkable experience which was very different to my expectations. With maybe 3-4 twenty minute breaks I was performing for the whole time, as was everyone else. There were great moments when we all clicked together followed by an ebb and flow for a while and then another upsurge.

There is a recording but who knows what will happen to it, we’re trying to work that out at the moment.

Just before kick off Benedict, Chris, Kev and Adam Charlie, Benedict and Chris Charlie, Noura, Benedict, Chris & KevThe Long Half Day  Noura, Kev & Adam Benedict