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Brighton Noise review

A review of the gig at Aural Detritus in Brighton Noise. Gus is described as a “bit of a legend on the improv scene, and watching him wrestle with his instrument is such a joy that it occasionally makes the rest of their set seem an unnecessary embellishment.” Despite thinking I’m an unnecessary embellishment and describing us as “not breathtakingly original” it’s a pretty good review. I’m not sure what I think of the review of the Nil set, but at least me and Chris enjoyed playing…

Alongside considered reviews of Paul KM, Seth Cooke and Simon Whetham there are some nice comments about how Paul and Aural Detritus are invigorating the local scene which is good to read. Paul deserves the plaudits.

Here’s the review


Lots of gigs

Four sets in a week, three on the same night no less. I played at Aural Detritus, two Nil sets sandwiching The Static Memories; then Gus and I collaborating with Ripsaw Catfish at The Scope the following Wednesday. All good, I’ve listened back to the Nil set and it sounded great, more of the ritualistic stuff and less comedy which possibly suited a gallery setting and maybe a new direction for a bit. The collaboration with Ripsaw Catfish I really enjoyed, it was an honour to play with Cath and Anton – and Gus of course – and we got a great reception from the crowd at The Scope.

Phew. It was surprisingly tiring though, I don’t know if it’s the festive season but I haven’t plugged anything in and made a noise for over a week. Me and the girls made a Tin foil rustle (that’s what we called it) which is bits of corrugated tinfoil stuck on a willow whithy and blown or tapped.

Nil at Aural Detritus. Photo by Andrea Shamlou.

Nil at Aural Detritus. Photo by Andrea Shamlou.

Plus, Graham Duff gave The Static Memories an honorable mention in his pick of the top albums of the year Here


Gus and I drove up to Hackney for a gig at LUME a couple of weeks ago. The venue is Long White Cloud a very nice cafe which likes to show art in the space and serves good food. Anyway, we played with duck-rabbit who where excellent, bending and manipulating sounds they recorded on location with software and home made hardware. Their new album (available on their website) is really worth listening to.

Gus and I were joined by Mirei who had a tiny space to work in but was brilliant, especially her voice work which she has never tried with us before. We did three pieces which was really good and I hope we can carry on like that rather than doing one long piece, I enjoyed resetting myself and diving in afresh (so to speak).

The gig was organised by Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne who were great and I’m pleased that Ripsaw Catfish Cath’s duo with Anton Hunter is coming to Brighton to play at The Scope in December as part of their Shoaling tour. They’ve invited Gus and I to join them for the performance which uses pre arranged sounds and free improvisation. We’re also hoping to get duck-rabbit down in the new year.


duck-rabbit’s website

Ripsaw Catfish