The Comet Project lives

In 2008 I did a netlabel release for Hippocamp called The Comet Project. 20 one and half minute tracks, each named after a periodic comet (well why not). I remember many nights sitting in front of a battered laptop building each track up, recording the things I had lying around my house and adding effects.

Bartosz Dylewski, a visual artist and programmer (amongst other things) did some visuals to go with them using his own unique set up.


I found out today that they Hippocamp release has been archived here I think it still sounds pretty good.


Good times in Deptford

A trip with Gus to South London for a very enjoyable Static Memories gig courtesy of Richard Sanderson at fine community cafe, record shop and venue Vinyl Deptford. It was the launch of the new Far Rainbow album Somewhere Out Out There Was The Wave with us, Tim Holehouse and DJ Tendraw, both old friends of Spirit of Gravity, plus Richard and Tim Yates (of The Long Half Day). Far Rainbow (Emily Mary Barnett & Bobby Barry) where excellent, and it was really good to see lots of friends and listen to really good sounds.


Particularly nice poster as well, I like the South London scene a lot.

Splitting that atom


After our unexpected duo at Convivium last November, James and I decided it was worth doing some more gigs and seeing how it goes. We played at a pretty ravey Splitting The Atom and went down well, despite struggling with the dynamics of playing a short turnaround gig at The Green Door store. Not a bad thing in itself, but possibly not for us right now. Agata was there recording the event and did this video


I was there from pretty much the beginning until about 8pm and saw some great things. Echopet and Warren Schoenbright really stood out, one kind of broody and the other pretty brutal. Had a quick chat with Echopet and hope we’ll able to get over and play in Portsmouth some time.

The next Muster gig is at the end of February for those great people at Club Integral, more soon.


Moving pictures

Agata Urbaniak is a great photographer and documenter of live experimental music who is based in Brighton. I’m always really pleased when she takes pictures of me doing gigs because she is about the only person who doesn’t make me look completely daft when they take my picture.

She’s started making videos of the music scene as well and did a couple at gigs I played at The Green Door Store and the Rose Hill Tavern.

This is me playing solo as Rackets at Splitting The Atom (thanks to Tom for sound and Graham and Geoff for putting me on)

Rackets from Agata Urbaniak on Vimeo.

And this is The Static Memories playing at Oxjam Brighton at the Rose Hill Tavern, a really lovely new venue which is very conveniently about a 5 minute walk from my house. Thanks to Spirit of Gravity and Safehouse for putting us on (and Tim for doing sound again)

Static Memories from Agata Urbaniak on Vimeo.

A hole in a hole in a hole

I’ve put a Rackets ep on Bandcamp, A hole in a hole in a hole. I made recordings of recent gigs at the Bleeding Hearts Club in Brighton, and I’ve been using a new recorder with my old mixer (recently restored to health after a couple of years) in my home studio. I worked hours of material down to just under 15 mins. I like that its only quarter of an hour too, hopefully long enough to sink into a bit, but not long enough to lose interest in.

Music box

I haven’t been posting very regularly as I’ve been working on a project to replace my current laptop centric electro acoustic gear with a Raspberry Pi based system. As well as that, Gus and I played at The Horse at I’klectik, a great venue and appreciative audience, including Paul May. We’re hoping to organise another duo with Paul soon.

The new setup looks like this:


So that’s a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with a 7″ touchscreen, and 8 x rotary pots which control the audio levels on the Pure Data patch running on the Pi. The first version (above) used lots of Lego – mine from when I was a child, which has found its way back to me. The slightly more robust version two is below!


The project is on Github here, theres lots more on the build in the Wiki

Brambling – a review by an old friend of the show + a gig

The Brambling album got a great review by our old mate Ed Pinsent. What a great guy he is! Seriously, Ed is a great guy and his radio show on Resonance is always worth listening to. You can see the review here

Plus Brambling are playing at The Ceramic House in Brighton on May 13th as part of Landscape : Islands. There’s more about that on the Aural Detritus blog here. I’ll be playing some ceramic sounds.