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The Long Half Day album launch

This Sunday at 7pm at the Rag Factory in London we’re launching the Long Half Day USB album which Slightly Off Kilter are releasing. Come and take your pick from the different cases we’ve made and have a listen to us doing some free improv.

All the details are on Sound and Music here: http://www.soundandmusic.org/thesampler/event/2013/11/long-half-day-album-launch

We’d love to see you there.


My Long Half Day packaging

Here’s the packaging I made for the Long Half Day USB album which Paul Khimasia Morgan of Slightly Off Kilter is releasing. I’m cutting up old books to put the stick inside and I think I will finish them off with a strip of paper in a plain colour with The Long Half Day printed on to it.


Chris and I travelled to Braziers Park in Oxfordshire once again for Supernormal. We got to play in the Church of Chaos on Saturday afternoon and then for Bang the Bore in the Barn on Sunday. Both good sets and we gave away a few cd’s, got some nice comments and made some new friends. Chris did a blasting set with some Bolide people and I took part in a John Cage percussion piece with a very long title which I have forgotten, organised by Adam Bushell.

I saw plenty great music, performance and art. Plurals, Cosham Community Players, Lama Dalai’s facilitated visual scores interpreted by the Kev Nickells All Stars, a performance in the woods at night, Carousel, Mothers of the Third Reich, and possibly the quietest piece of music I’ve ever heard by Charlie Sdraulig which was almost inaudible above the drone metal sound bleed.

The Long Half Day

I was involved in a 12 hour improvisation performance on February 3rd. An amazing way to start the year and one of the best experiences in my creative life. It came about after Gus and I met the Carousel Collective at a gig in London organised by James Alaska and Tom Mudd. Carousel are Tim Yates, Nora Sanatian, Benedict Taylor and Charlie Sdraulig they are a group of musicians who are interested in exploring the possibilities of music in new and imaginative ways. After a performance in Brighton last year which I helped organise Tim suggested we collaborate on a long improvised piece at The Coach House in Kemptown.

I was lucky enough to get Adam Bushell, Kev Nickells and Chris Parfitt involved as well and the eight of us started with some trepidation at 10.30am. 12 hours later we drew to a close after a truly remarkable experience which was very different to my expectations. With maybe 3-4 twenty minute breaks I was performing for the whole time, as was everyone else. There were great moments when we all clicked together followed by an ebb and flow for a while and then another upsurge.

There is a recording but who knows what will happen to it, we’re trying to work that out at the moment.


Just before kick off Benedict, Chris, Kev and Adam Charlie, Benedict and Chris Charlie, Noura, Benedict, Chris & KevThe Long Half Day  Noura, Kev & Adam Benedict