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A couple of gigs

So Gus and I played as The Static Memories at Club Integral on April 19th and then as part of the SafeGrav Orchestra at Dear Serge at the De La Warr Pavillion on the 20th. Both good gigs, one in London and one in Bexhill which are about as different as places as you could get I guess.

Great gig at Club Integral, we only saw one other band as we had to drive back to Brighton from Stockwell and we were first on. She was Nad Spiro of Barcelona and she was great, there’s a Bandcamp download that’s worth getting. Very nice crowd of people and a great pa. Another great pa at Dear Serge and playing in two quintets with people from Spirit of Gravity and Safehouse and live visuals from Bartosz Dylewski.

Club Integral

Nad Spiro

Dear Serge