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Brambling, rehearsals and sitars

Well it’s been a couple of months since I last posted. I’ve been working on lots of new stuff; including a get together with Gus in a rehearsal space which was a new one for us, it was good to play without the pressure of an audience, soundchecks and so on and we made some recordings which I’m trying to get into shape for an EP.

Chris and I are working on the new nil piece, we’ve got some scores and ideas which we’re going to workshop into a performance. A lot came out of the performance at Dear Serge and we’ve made some decisions about how we set up, what to include and exclude; that kind of thing.

I’m playing at The Scope with Andrew Greaves next week, we’re doing an interpretation of In C. Andrew will play the parts and I’ll fiddle them into something new with a computer and effects pedals. The whole ‘collaborating with someone at every Scope in 2015’ which Geoff made me do has gone well, it’s good to be pushed in new directions. Geoff and me started up our noise project – Renfield – as part of it and did a gig at Splitting the Atom which was well received.

Gus and I are doing a collaboration with Adam Bushell on 11th October at The Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton, then at Listening Club in Peckham the following week (the 18th). Really looking forward to both of them.

I’ve been helping Chris Cook on a project to bring a group of Indian Classical Musicians over from Benares which is happening in November, partly thanks to a grant from Arts Council England, but mostly thanks to Chris. They will be doing some gigs in Sussex, leading workshops with local schoolchildren and collaborating with musicians from the Spirit of Gravity collective.

Paul Morgan and I have a project called Brambling which came out of a performance at The Scope and some recordings we did in Paul’s home studio over the last couple of years. It’s on The Slightly Off Kilter Label website as coming soon, so I guess it will be along soon.

The Slightly Off Kilter Label website including a pic of the sleeve of said album, and some great pictures on Brighton Noise of Paul and I playing at The Scope.

Spirit of Gravity website with details of the gig on the 19th August – Gus is playing with Annie Kerr as well.


The Long Half Day packages


Chris came over last night and we loaded the first of the usb sticks with the recording of the long half day, plus remixes, writing and Tim’s scroll viewer. It all adds up to a nice package and the boxes Chris made look great.