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Splitting the Atom IX

The Static Memories played at Splitting the Atom IX at the Tubman in Hastings last Sunday. when Gus and I arrived the total audience consisted of the (mostly Brighton based) artists playing. It filled up as the day went on and it was a good night. Our set went well and we’re looking forward to Aural Detritus and Club Integral next month.

Great sets from Plurals, Mothers of the Third Reich – the best I’ve seen from them with Jason beating an amp into submission with his guitar – and a long set from Warrior Squares who included a chap playing a contact miked tree branch. Splitting the Atom is a great thing and I like the way Graham is keen to move it out of Brighton when he can. It’s easy to stay in town and play to a home crowd who like that kind of thing but going somewhere without a big experimental music scene takes some bottle.

Good chips from a place in the precinct in Hastings too.