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Collect Convert Converge

I played a solo set at Collect Convert Converge in late September. The event was organised by JoJo Gingerhead as part of her degree and included Seth Cooke and Clive Henry from Bang the Bore doing a solo set on a variety of instruments including Seth’s contact miked iron sink I saw him play to such good effect at Supernormal.

Before them I fought to overcome the art chat from the hordes of students whilst Karl, Jo and Duncan shushed them and glared (at the art chatters not me). It was interesting playing to a room full of people the majority of whom who treated my work as background noise. Although it didn’t really bother me it was a lesson in how most people view improvised music in general and mine in particular. I’m unsure whether they were listening at all or if art music in that context adds to the general feel of the event, in which case I don’t really object to people talking.

I’m used to playing at events where the audience sits staring quietly and intently at the stage and listening hard so in a strange sort of way Collect Convert Converge was a more collective experience.