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Nil at Dear Serge

Me and Chris tried our new approach for Nil at Dear Serge on Saturday. We’ve decided to focus our attention on the things we like most, the sounds that sound right together to us and the theme we’ve gone back to again and again – ritual. Chris has been making some beautiful scores using a mix of media which we used at Dear Serge; I need to get working on something similar.

We brought far less each to play, rather stripped down from the usual assortment of junk, instruments and kitchen implements. Chris concentrated on reeds although diverted sparingley into objects as needed. I used my tuned percussion, ektara and voice. We also sat behind a table rather than on the floor, our knees just can’t take it any more.

The score gave a nice structure, even if it was more of a signalling device at times. We decided afterwards that we need to reintroduce some of the performance elements which got dropped. One of the reasons we started to change things is we were tired of being labelled as a couple of jokers, but there’s still space for the playful, rather than the downright silly.

Dear Serge



Gus and I will be performing as part of the Earsthetic Festival at The Brighton Dome on December 11th. The festival runs all week and features Ryoji Ikeda, Mira Calix and Peaches amongst others, plus the 11th which is being curated by the Spirit of Gravity collective which I’m a member of. We’re really excited about this, not just because it’s such a  great venue, but also because we are being joined by dancer Mirei Yazawa.

The festival is an exploration of the ways sound and vision can work together so I’ve made a video of ice melting (I did consider paint drying) to be shown with our set.

Here’s Mirei’s website

And here’s the event on The Dome website

Spirit of gravity