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Nil – tre

Chris and I did a Nil thing at Splitting the Atom at the beginning of June. We thought the recording sounded ok so we’ve released it on Bandcamp as a free download. I was only there in the afternoon and everything I saw was inspiring, there was more low key stuff too, although I heard things degenerated as the night wore on.

Here’s the album


Splitting the Atom IX

The Static Memories played at Splitting the Atom IX at the Tubman in Hastings last Sunday. when Gus and I arrived the total audience consisted of the (mostly Brighton based) artists playing. It filled up as the day went on and it was a good night. Our set went well and we’re looking forward to Aural Detritus and Club Integral next month.

Great sets from Plurals, Mothers of the Third Reich – the best I’ve seen from them with Jason beating an amp into submission with his guitar – and a long set from Warrior Squares who included a chap playing a contact miked tree branch. Splitting the Atom is a great thing and I like the way Graham is keen to move it out of Brighton when he can. It’s easy to stay in town and play to a home crowd who like that kind of thing but going somewhere without a big experimental music scene takes some bottle.

Good chips from a place in the precinct in Hastings too.