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Paul May collab + new Nil album

Gus and I travelled to Winchester to do a set at Ancient and Modern, an excellent night run in a very nice pub, The Railway. Also on at The Railway that evening was Kirk Brandon of Spear of Destiny (in the big room) who wandered through when we were setting up and gave a cheery hello. We were joined by drummer Paul May and went down a storm, a very enjoyable set, and a collaboration which we’ll be doing again.

Thanks to Tom Bench of Brighton’s Hardworking Families, Chris and I got to play at the Sallis Benney Theatre on the bottom a fine bill that included Tom & Dylan Nyoukis doing a mood enhancing set, my old mate Henry Collins & Robin Foster rummaging and the wondrous Bohman Brothers bowing, shaking, stroking and spouting their way through a set that took in free playing of found objects and The Thundercats.

We never really play using amplification so it was a bit daunting having 2 mics, but it worked really well. The Sallis Benney is fairly big so we couldn’t have done it without mics and the sound guy was great. Tom sent through a recording and we put it on our Bandcamp.


There are also some great pictures of the concert by Agata Urbaniak


The full album is here


Touching Extremes – a review at a distance

At a distance from the release anyway, this is a review of the long forgotten album by The Static Memories The Bloudy Vision of John Farley which we released 18 months ago. Lets face it in the age of the internet that’s like getting a review of something you released in the 18th century.

It’s a good review, by Massimo Ricci of Touching Extremes. Thank you Massimo!

A lot of peculiar timbres and reconstructed improvisational concepts, imbued with Franciscan wisdom and tranquil rebelliousness at once. It’s beautifully discordant stuff all the way: hard-hitting yet sweet to these ears, corrosive for commonplace but not for intelligence.

The review is here

Club Integral + Phil Minton + Daniel Thompson

Really pleased about two collaborations The Static Memories have got coming up at the legend that is Club Integral in November and December. We’ve played at Club Integral a couple of times and really enjoyed ourselves and had a great response. A very nice bunch of people who’ve been plugging away supporting all kinds of interesting stuff for a very long time.

On November 27th we’re playing with guitarist Daniel Thompson at The Others in Stoke Newington; and then on 19th December at I’klectik down in the fine old London borough of Lambeth with vocal improv giant Phil Minton.

Gus keep on pulling great collaborations out of his bag of interesting people, I must try and do the same. Although my bag of interesting people is not as full as his. But them I’m not as old as Gus (don’t tell him I said that).

Club Integral are here

The Others is a great place to go, you can find it here

This is I’klectik

The Static Memories + Adam Bushell

Adam Bushell is a very nice chap and the latest person we’re collaborating with. He approached us a while ago about doing something and we were pleased to agree, but it’s taken ages to get it sorted out. But now we’re all set for 11th October upstairs at The Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton, in the afternoon. I may even be able to persuade E and the kids to come along.

We’re planning a solo set from each of us, followed by a group improvisation with all three. Here’s the poster, come and see us.

Adam Bushell & The Static Memories

Brighton Noise review

A review of the gig at Aural Detritus in Brighton Noise. Gus is described as a “bit of a legend on the improv scene, and watching him wrestle with his instrument is such a joy that it occasionally makes the rest of their set seem an unnecessary embellishment.” Despite thinking I’m an unnecessary embellishment and describing us as “not breathtakingly original” it’s a pretty good review. I’m not sure what I think of the review of the Nil set, but at least me and Chris enjoyed playing…

Alongside considered reviews of Paul KM, Seth Cooke and Simon Whetham there are some nice comments about how Paul and Aural Detritus are invigorating the local scene which is good to read. Paul deserves the plaudits.

Here’s the review


Gus and I drove up to Hackney for a gig at LUME a couple of weeks ago. The venue is Long White Cloud a very nice cafe which likes to show art in the space and serves good food. Anyway, we played with duck-rabbit who where excellent, bending and manipulating sounds they recorded on location with software and home made hardware. Their new album (available on their website) is really worth listening to.

Gus and I were joined by Mirei who had a tiny space to work in but was brilliant, especially her voice work which she has never tried with us before. We did three pieces which was really good and I hope we can carry on like that rather than doing one long piece, I enjoyed resetting myself and diving in afresh (so to speak).

The gig was organised by Cath Roberts and Dee Byrne who were great and I’m pleased that Ripsaw Catfish Cath’s duo with Anton Hunter is coming to Brighton to play at The Scope in December as part of their Shoaling tour. They’ve invited Gus and I to join them for the performance which uses pre arranged sounds and free improvisation. We’re also hoping to get duck-rabbit down in the new year.


duck-rabbit’s website

Ripsaw Catfish