The Static Memories


“…yet tribal loyalties were to be rent asunder because my favourite act were The Static Memories, who I could easily believe had been playing together since they were embryos. Their set was forever stuttering, building up and breaking apart again, but in a way that somehow sounded part of the plan. (Even though, clearly, there was no plan!) Even in it’s quietest, most fractured-sounding moments it held the room, pulling at our attention like a super-magnet in a room of steel screws. It seemed the very opposite of virtuoso show-off music, where all egos were subsumed and creativity made a force for the common good.”

– Gavin Burrows, Lucid Frenzy

“That’s perhaps the best thing about this album: it doesn’t seem to be fixed to anything in particular, just the sheer love of doing these improvisations together… this is an excellent, free (as in: free music and free of any particular improvisational style) album.”

– Franz de Wald, Vital Weekly. Reviewing The bloudy vision of John Farley.

“..peculiar timbres and reconstructed improvisational concepts, imbued with Franciscan wisdom and tranquil rebelliousness. It’s beautifully discordant stuff all the way: hard-hitting yet sweet to these ears.”

– Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes, reviewing The Bloudy Vision of John Farley

Dan Powell & Gus Garside have been working together on electro acoustic improv project The Static Memories since 2007. The Static Memories have often collaborated with guest musicians including Alice Eldridge, Phil Minton, Paul May, Cath Roberts and Anton Hunter.

Dan Powell (electronics) began making sound for installation works in London in the mid 90’s and was involved in live arts group OMSK. Since moving to Brighton in 2000 he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music. He is a member of Brighton based collective The Spirit of Gravity and has performed across the UK. Dan is also a member of free improv duo Nil with Chris Parfitt, and MUSTER with James O’Sullivan.

Gus Garside (double bass/electronics) has worked in a variety of musical settings – jazz, contemporary music, rock, cabaret, dance, theatre and, most importantly, improvised music where he has performed with many leading players. As well as playing in many one off improvising or contemporary music situations he regularly performs in Arc (a string trio with Sylvia Hallett and Danny Kingshill) and the West Hill Blast Quartet, (a free jazz quartet with Ron Caines, Dan Spicer and Andy Pyne) . He also creates structured improvisational compositions including The Star Field, The Sleepwalkers (featuring 10 of the leading improvising string players in the UK –including Alison Blunt, Benedict Taylor, Marcio Mattos and David Leahy) and Collective Stories (a commission in Quebec with Grand Groupe Régional d’Improvisation Libérée).

Here’s our Soundcloud page

Our latest album is Puddling, on Linear Obsessional recordings. Here’s the Bandcamp.


You can download and listen to our album The Bloudy Vision of John Farley on Bandcamp.

Released on The Slightly Off Kilter Label

We’re on Twitter @TSMBrighton

Selected performances

Earsthetic Festival / Brighton Dome

Tinderbox Festival / Oxfordshire

Mopomoso / The Vortex, London

Incus concert series / Sheffield

Club Integral (with Phil Minton) / London


The Sound Projector – Resonance FM

Late Junction – BBC Radio 3

Gravity Waves and the Spirit World – Resonance extra

Radio Gagarin – FSK Hamburg



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