Nil performing 'Culinary music' by Bobby Barry at The Scope, Brighton.

Nil performing ‘Culinary music’ by Bobby Barry at The Scope, Brighton. Photo by Agata Urbaniak.


Nil on Bandcamp

Nil: Acoustic free improv & performance for wind, voice and metal.

“In spite of the high-seriousness associated with free improv, they bring something of a sense of the ridiculous to scraping paper, prayer bowls and free reeding. Not to say they’re not serious, but there’s a camp brilliance to two men old enough to know better buggering about with their box of sound-toys; moreover, there’s an astute sense of timing to their spatial improvisations. Cracking, in several senses.”
-Kev Nickells, Supernormal

Nil is Chris Parfitt on wind instruments, voice and found objects and Dan Powell on tuned percussion, found objects and voice. They combine acoustic free improvisation with elements of performance art and have performed at venues across the South East. Nil explore the boundaries between audience and performer, as well as the not very loud and the very quiet.

Chris Parfitt has been on the improv scene for many years and is a member of the Brighton Safehouse improvising collective. As an improvisor He is a member of 4thirtythree with Tim Wood and Stuart Revill, and also Noteherder and Mccloud with Geoff Reader. Chris plays wind instruments, piano and electronics. He has collaborated with Chris Cook (Hot Roddy Ramshaw/Remote) and most recently with Dan Powell in Nil.

Dan Powell began making sound for installation works in the mid 90’s. Since moving to Brighton he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music using laptop, guitar and tuned percussion. He is a member of Brighton based collective Spirit of Gravity and has performed across the UK. His work has been played on WFMU and BBC Radio 3. As well as performing with Chris in Nil he plays with Gus Garside in electro acoustic improv duo The Static Memories  and their first album The Bloudy Vision of John Farley was released in 2014.



From the Spirit of Gravity event at the Coach House in April


Nil One on Bandcamp


The next Nil album, Too, free to download from Bandcamp
with a picture of a horse


The difficult third album, recorded at Splitting the Atom


The Golden Headress, recorded at The Cowley Club, August 2014


The Tariel cell, recorded at The Sallis Benney, Brighton, January 2016


Recent performances:
Supernormal Festival (curated by Bang the Bore)
Splitting the Atom
Aural Detritus (with visuals by Andrew Greave)
The Spirit of Gravity


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